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The first indigenous comprehensive
drilling support service committed to
local content and technology transfer.

AOS Orwell is all about
local talent using
international blue chip

Local Focus

NC Commitment

AOS Orwell always takes into consideration the host community and the local environment, while supporting local companies, local engineering expertise and providing local technical knowledge transfer wherever applicable and possible.

Local Content

Locally sourced input as a percentage of total contract value has grown significantly from around 55% in 2008 to around 70% in 2011, with the trend anticipated to continue.

We have built up relationships with contractors and service providers locally, with a database of relevant engineering procurement companies.

All logistics activities are carried out using domestic transportation including flights, cars and trucking.

For all equipment transportation we use local companies with appropriate international freight forwarding services.

Local Training

Training for Nigerians under our contracts and projects. Trainees will be sought from the following –

  • Host Community of AOSOrwell
  • Host Community of our Client where the project will take place
  • Nigeria Skill Pool hosted by NCDMB

Local Community

We are actively involved in our host community, providing training and development for local people to become competent oilfield workers. Further we support and develop local small and medium sized enterprise by providing guidance on how to service corporate organizations. A dedicated officer from the community is employed for efficient and effective liaison with the community. AOS Orwell is committed to the full implementation of its Local Content Plans in the work environment and in the execution of all contracts and projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to conducting all business operations to the highest industrial standards and benefiting the communities where we work. We respect the law, support human rights, protect the environment and respect cultural, national and religious diversity.

NC Commitment

  • Integrates NC Initiatives into service delivery
  • Over 90% Nigerian Man-hours in all operations
  • Nigerian-only field personnel
  • Organically grown people & processes
  • Training for all Nigerians
  • Committed to true local content
  • Investment in African workforce and African Management
  • Proven Technology Transfer