Integrated Well Abandonment Services

We operate a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management System as a demonstration of our commitment to safeguard thehealth and safety of all employees and third party staff in the workplace including protection of the environment. This commitment includes the establishment of HSE objectives which are communicated, understood and implemented at all levels in the company with due consideration to the applicable HSE standards, codes of practice and legal requirements .We monitor and measure compliance to the system in order to achieve set objectives and continually improve performance. In addition to providing adequate resources we promote training and education programs to ensure continuous development of safety attitude and environmental impact awareness We ensure that employees and contractors fulfil their HSE obligation as an integral part of their job taking personal responsibility for the health and safety of others.

Our HSE Awards

Chevron Recognition Certificate – 2018
SPDC 5 yrs LTI Free Safety Award
Shell CEO Safety Award
SPDC Wells 6yrs LTI – Free Award

AOS Orwell Ten Life Saving Rules

Rule No 1
Permit To Work

Rule No 2
Personal Protective Equipment

Rule No 3
Lock-Out Tag-Out

Rule No 4
Critical Equipment

Rule No 5
Work at Height

Rule No 6
Forklift/Crane Operations

Rule No 7
Smoking at Work

Rule No 8
Drugs and Alcohol

Rule No 9
Safe Driving

Rule No 10
Trucking Operations


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