Integrated Well Abandonment Services

With the introduction of I/O on Demand, an unprecedented amount of field I/O adaptability, ease-of-integration and plant availability becomes possible. Costs and concerns around single points of failure, marshalled cross wiring, power and grounding of FOUNDATION TM fieldbus segments, and late project I/O and process design change orders can completely disappear.


  • I/O anywhere you need it
  • Single channel granularity
  • Reduces installed cost of system
  • Fully redundant architecture
  • Field mounted capable hardware
  • Plug and play I/O

DeltaV™ S-series Electronic Marshalling delivers a new level of control system I/O performance with unprecedented flexibility and ease of use.

The CHARM I/O card (CIOC) supports up to 96 individually configurable channels and is designed specifically for multi-core home run cables in centrally located marshalling cabinets. It can also be installed in field junction boxes to further reduce system design and installation costs. All communications are completely redundant from the channel (CHARM) to the DeltaV S-series controller.

Single channel granularity. The CHARM I/O architecture allows each individual channel to be characterized for the requirements of the field device. Any instrument signal can be wired to any terminal block. The channel is then electronically marshalled by installing the appropriate CHARM and assigning the channel to one of four controllers. Home run multi-core instrument cables can be landed in order on a series of CHARM terminal blocks without concern for signal types.

Charm & Terminal Block

Benefits of Electronics Marshalling

  • Savings compared traditional system design to Electronic Marshalling on an actual oil & gas plant project
Saving AreaTraditional DesignElectronic Marshalling Design
Number of Controller CabinetsBase50% Reduction
Cabinet FootprintBase40% Reduction
Intra-Cabinet WritingBase90% Reduction

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