Integrated Well Abandonment Services

BETTIS™ Multiport Flow Selector

Compact and Economical Production Test Manifold

The BETTIS Multiport Flow Selector (MPFS) provides a cost effective and compact means to improve production management and well optimization. To decrease the costs associated with weight, space and installation time, operators are looking for smaller, more integrated equipment that can do the same or more by requiring less space and cost.

We have a solution – Emerson Compact Test Manifold, using MPFS. The MPFS allows the selecting and diverting of well fluids from an individual well to a single test outlet, flow loop or sampling device.

The MPFS can also be used for water injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. It provides control simplicity in an environment where size, weight and reliability are all key factors. Connecting up to seven flow lines, the MPFS allows the combined fluids to flow through a separate group outlet, while simultaneously isolating any single well for testing. In existing design (conventional well test manifold), for seven lines we will have to use 14 valves (2 valves / line) for testing and in the Emerson Compact test manifold, these 14 valves are replaced with a single BETTIS Multiport Flow Selector.

Conventional Test Manifold

Emerson Solution

Multiport Flow Selector– Plug Operation

The plug is now at the Home Port and all 7 wells are flowing out of the Group Outlet. If a Home Port is not required another Well can be connected.

Conventional Well Test ManifoldEmerson Compact Test Manifold
Manual and chances of human errorAutomated and work through DCS, and so reduces human error
Flow line routing for matured field is difficult (flow line lengths is an issue)Reduced demand on the space
Complex piping arrangement, valves, actuators and controlsSimple piping arrangement with minimum valves
Large number of leak points risking production downtimeReduced leak points
Occupies more space and higher weightCompact system, reduced space and weight
Available slots at manifold may not be used to optimalOptimal use of the available slots at manifold by taking into account low producers
Operational flexibility is minimum and there is difficulty and complexity in hooking up new wellsOperational flexibility is increased, hooking up new wells is easy
Flow line crisscrossing can be an issue for additional wellsFlow line rationalization is easy by making satellite collection
Expensive (CAPEX & OPEX)Economical (CAPEX & OPEX)
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