Integrated Well Abandonment Services

  • AOSO CTRi Saves Customer Millions of Dollars, 7 – 21 RIG Days, and cost of new well

    NIGERIA – Mar 2016 - A major International Oil Company (IOC) operating in Nigeria has benefitted from AOS Orwell Limited (AOSO) strategy of being a solution provider to the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry. AOSO deployed the CRTi top driving casing system to run casing to TD.

    The customer challenge

    • Stabbing board was not optimally positioned on the rig derrick and as a result top drive mudlines were obstructing casing stabbing process

    This made the conventional system constitute a safety risk and not cost effective. The impact of this on the customer were

    • The stabber working in unsafe condition
    • 72 hours to get to TD – run speed 1-2 jts/hr
    • Hole problems because of time delay
    • Increased possibility of casing getting stuck along the way
    • Up to $0.8M red money

    Alternative solution considered by customer

    • Suspend operation, overhaul the derrick and put the stabber board in the right position
    • This would take about 1 – 3 weeks with cost of up to $6M
    • Hole would likely collapse and would have to be drilled again ($18.6M cost of new well)

    AOS Orwell Solution

    AOSO deployed the CRTi top drive casing system ensuring safety while saving time and cost by

    • Eliminating the use of a stabber
    • Using shorter time (24 hours) to get casing to TD – run speed 10-12 jts/hr
    • Reducing the number of personnel and equipment on the rig floor further improving safety
    • Cost saving to the customer potentially up to $6M
    • Preventing the cost of a new well ($18.6M)

    About AOS Orwell Limited

    AOS Orwell Limited is an integrated oil servicing company established in 1981 in Nigeria. The company provides Well Construction Services, Process Automation and Control, OCTG and Conductor Casings. With principal offices in Port Harcourt, Onne, Lagos, Accra and Takoradi, the company employs over 600 personnel which ensure quality service is delivered to her clients. For more information, visit

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