Integrated Well Abandonment Services

LV/MV Switchgear and Panels

Electrical Switchgears made by AOSO have the following Features

  • Type tested panels
  • Panels conform to IEC 61439
  • Feeders meet protection up to Form-4b
  • Degree of protection up to IP54
  • Incomer panels are single tier construction with air circuit breaker as incomer
  • Outgoing feeders with multitier construction
  • Each outgoing column panel with independent vertical busbars
  • Optional side cable access
  • Cable termination carried out from rear of the panel
  • Cable entry from top or bottom
  • Variety of widths on offer, depending on rating and fault level of the system
  • Optional padlocking facility for individual compartments

Feeder Pillars

Our feeder pillars have the following features

  • Manufactured as per set standards of distribution companies
  • All live busbars protected by colour-coded sleeves
  • Configurations based on simple FUSE-FUSE versions and to the high end MCCB-FUSE and MCCB- MCCB version with high level of automation
  • Metering of all technical parameters
  • Safe cable terminations
  • Outdoor installation
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