Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Control, Gas & Fire Safety Solutions

ICSS Cabinet Assembly


  • DeltaV with CHARMS
  • DeltaV SIS
  • Ovation (power and water)
  • HIMA
  • Third Party PLCs

Base Services

  • Guardian Support and Sure Service
  • Hardware and Software Modifications
  • System upgrades (legacy systems and older versions)
  • Site Services and Healthcare
  • Site Surveys

Premium Services

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Patch Management
  • Log Book
  • System Health Analysis Service
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Cyber Security Management
  • Premier Services
  • Value Added Licenses
  • Sustain Legacy Systems
  • OTS (Operator Training Simulators)
  • Spare Parts Management

Fire & Gas Services

Product Range Portfolio and Gas Safety

We have been a Det-tronics partner for over a decade.

Det-Tronics is the global leader in fire and gas safety systems. They provide premium flame and gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems for high-risk processes and industrial operations. The company designs, builds, tests and commissions SIL 2 capable flame and gas safety products, which range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems that are globally certified.

Det-Tronics is also a part of UTC Climate, Controls and Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide).

Our Fire and Gas Services include

  • 3-D flame and gas mapping solutions, which visually interpret and manipulate coverage areas including potential areas without coverage
  • Accurate and quantitative statistical analysis of coverage for safety case claims and insurance
  • Detector placement strategy 3in congested areas commonly found on and offshore
  • Validation and selection of flame and gas detection equipment

Typical 2-D Generated Mapping

3D Generated Mapping

Complete Product Line

We provide (at a component level) many of the flame and gas detectors used in Det-tronics systems. This makes us unique among many of the safety system manufacturers.

Our Flame and Gas Detector Solutions Include

  • Fire and gas safety systems which support addressable loop and point-to-point architectures
  • Highly fault-tolerant solutions, and configurable detection and releasing systems
  • Optical flame detectors which incorporate the latest technologies in UV, IR, UV/IR, Dual IR, and multispectrum IR to maximize detection and minimize false alarms
  • Gas detectors which accurately detect the presence of combustible and toxic gases, with the full line having nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor (NTMOS), catalytic, electrochemical, and IR absorption technologies
  • By offering the widest range of fire and gas detection products, Det-Tronics ensures the right technology for every application.

Global Approvals

Det-Tronics submits products to recognized third-party testing agencies around the world for verification of performance and quality. Det-tronics is one of the world’s first detection manufacturers to earn and retain the coveted quality approval award, the European ISO 9001.

Our product has withstood each agency’s most rigorous performance and area classification tests locally, nationally and worldwide. We are also a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Combustible Gas Pointwatch & Eclipse

Direct Duct, Q900 duct mount, sample draw, remote HART kit

LS2000 OpenPath Gas Detection

FlexSight™ LS2000 is flexible, functional and reliable—answering industry demands

  • Easy to install and align
  • Significantly improved alignment tolerance
  • Third-party certified
  • Ten-year IR source warranty; 5-year device warranty

FlexSonic® Acoustic Detection

See what you are not hearing

  • Additional level of Leak Detection
  • Beat the Environmental Obstacles :Rain / Steam / Fog
  • Poisoning/Catalyzing
  • Obstacles (machinery, ductwork, piping, structure, etc)
  • High pressure

X3301 Multispectrum IR Flame Detector

Suitable and usage with

  • Ports ¾” or M25
  • Alloy or SS
  • Ouptut 0-20mA, Relay, HART, EQP
  • Exd or Exde

Suitable for Detection

  • Flares in the area
  • Hazard Gases/ fuels
  • Fast detection speed in seconds
  • Multi-spectrum or UV, UV/IR?

EQP Addressable Fire & Gas System

Configurable and flexible, the Det-Tronics EQP safety system provides flame and/or gas detection, alarm signaling, notification, extinguishing agent release, and/or deluge operation. All system components are integrated on a fault-tolerant digital communication network. The system is ideally suited for harsh industrial applications that require a hazardous location rated protection system

Distributed and addressable

Safety system components can be located anywhere in the communication network to provide the most reliable and comprehensive indication and notification of device- specific alarms, troubles, faults, and diagnostics in industrial safety applications.


Easy upgrade path for older fire panels and safety PLCs, allowing the safety system to expand to combine both fire and gas detection and notification in one system.

Certification to standards

The eqp system is certified to a variety of standards.

  • FM approved to ANSI/NFPA 72: 2010 National Fire Alarm Code
  • Hazardous location certification for field devices
  • FM/CSA/ATEX/CE approved
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval to EN54 and EN12094
  • BRE approved to EN54 fire detection and alarm systems
  • USCG approved to 46 CFR 161.002
  • Lloyds register type approved to “Test Specification Number 1, 2002”

Upgrades & Premium Services

AOS Orwell/Emerson Approach to Migration

Our goal is to ensure that functionality and behaviour are preserved from one release to another.

With every release, Emerson provides a utility to migrate your existing DeltaV configuration.

Emerson also considers the migration tool an integral part of the DeltaV system and develops it using the same sound development practices, including extensive testing.

Upgrade Programme Pverview

We focus on the automation system’s lifecycle obsolescence management requirements, while also helping you get excellent value from the automation investment.

Our DeltaV upgrade programme offers

  • Tiered upgrade offering to match production demands
  • Standardized, streamlined project methodology
  • A predictable approach, resulting in consistent results globally
  • Factory-trained, experienced and certified engineers
  • Flawless Upgrade Performance
  • Increased Leverage of Technology

Where Do We Play?

Maintenance Support

Our maintenance services will help you

  • Ensure good functionality, reliability and availability of Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Have priority on-site assistance within agreed, quickest timeframe
  • Have access to routine maintenance and checks
  • Check health of the system, including optimization
  • Get expertise for plant personnel in the day to day operations
  • Ensure the availability of DCS on the facility all year round, including certain module of our services, as described in scope of work
  • Generate reports, including minor functional modifications of system if requested from operations
  • Maintain records and prepare new records as per site requirement
  • Ensure routine system backup, including cleaning of hardware and workstations
  • Get good advice on measures for avoiding obsolescence, recommended spares and implement timely and effective upgrade option on the DCS system
  • Review control system to identify all technical issues and resolve the identified issues where necessary
  • Get system updates and hotfix, including overall system integrity, reviewing applicable KBAs, Microsoft and Antivirus patches, hotfixes and DeltaV backups.

Stay Current to Stay Competitive

AOSO / Emerson continually invests in technology and solutions designed to increase your productivity while reducing TCO.

We do this by defining your system upgrade objectives, including lifecycle planning, new system technology utilization, hardware and software updates, industry solutions and the state of your production at the time of the upgrade.

Don’t wait for a plant outage before taking action to increase system availability and lower total cost of ownership – contact us today for DeltaV modernization.

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