Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Metering Skid Solutions

We have invested in an integrated facility for fabrication, assembly and testing of metering skids for custody transfer applications, due to increasing requirements from IOCs, NOCs and marginal operators.

Since all activities are done here in Nigeria, our customers participate in every stage of the project, from reviews to FAT. We also offer certified aftersales services along with OEM training.

Salient Features of the Facility

  • Approved by Emerson Process Management
  • Integrated testing of skids with flow computers and HMI
  • Hydrotest facility (250m3 at 7-10bar) and NDT testing
  • NCEC from NCDMB
  • All required permits from DPR
  • API and ISO certification

Our Metering Services

  • Gas and liquid metering solutions, LACT units and PRMS
  • Gas flow metering with Orifice, Ultrasonic and Coriolis technology
  • Liquid flow metering with vortex, turbine and Coriolis technology
  • Automatic sampling systems
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Moisture, Density and BS&W Measurements
  • Flow computers with standalone HMI or integrated with plant DCS
  • Provers (master meter, small volume provers or bi-directional ball provers)
  • Field auxiliary room or metering houses

Other Skid Services

  • Chemical Injection Skids
  • De-sander Skids
  • Manifolds
  • Gantry skids for terminal automation
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