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Upgrades & Premium Services

AOS Orwell/Emerson Approach to Migration

Our goal is to ensure that functionality and behaviour are preserved from one release to another.

With every release, Emerson provides a utility to migrate your existing DeltaV configuration.

Emerson also considers the migration tool an integral part of the DeltaV system and develops it using the same sound development practices, including extensive testing.

Upgrade Programme Pverview

We focus on the automation system’s lifecycle obsolescence management requirements, while also helping you get excellent value from the automation investment.

Our DeltaV upgrade programme offers

  • Tiered upgrade offering to match production demands
  • Standardized, streamlined project methodology
  • A predictable approach, resulting in consistent results globally
  • Factory-trained, experienced and certified engineers
  • Flawless Upgrade Performance
  • Increased Leverage of Technology

Where Do We Play?

Maintenance Support

Our maintenance services will help you

  • Ensure good functionality, reliability and availability of Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Have priority on-site assistance within agreed, quickest timeframe
  • Have access to routine maintenance and checks
  • Check health of the system, including optimization
  • Get expertise for plant personnel in the day to day operations
  • Ensure the availability of DCS on the facility all year round, including certain module of our services, as described in scope of work
  • Generate reports, including minor functional modifications of system if requested from operations
  • Maintain records and prepare new records as per site requirement
  • Ensure routine system backup, including cleaning of hardware and workstations
  • Get good advice on measures for avoiding obsolescence, recommended spares and implement timely and effective upgrade option on the DCS system
  • Review control system to identify all technical issues and resolve the identified issues where necessary
  • Get system updates and hotfix, including overall system integrity, reviewing applicable KBAs, Microsoft and Antivirus patches, hotfixes and DeltaV backups.

Stay Current to Stay Competitive

AOSO / Emerson continually invests in technology and solutions designed to increase your productivity while reducing TCO.

We do this by defining your system upgrade objectives, including lifecycle planning, new system technology utilization, hardware and software updates, industry solutions and the state of your production at the time of the upgrade.

Don’t wait for a plant outage before taking action to increase system availability and lower total cost of ownership – contact us today for DeltaV modernization.

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