Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Valve, Rotatory Equipment Assets Management

Valve Asset Management Services

  • Provide world class service in Nigeria by Nigerians
  • One Stop shop for all Valve related services
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance/Control procedures
  • Warranty on post repair services
  • Certification with traceablity
  • Field Service Capablity
  • Assure maximum availablity and quick turnaround
  • Reduce O&M costs by maximising life of valve assets
  • Ready availablity of spares
  • Follow defined processes and procedures & compliance with HSE
  • Hydrostatic, Pneumatic & Gas test
  • Calibration and Certification
  • Valve Signatures for Control Valves using AMS
  • Valve Application Engieering
  • Mobile test unit for safety valves

Compression Products

We offer the following solutions for your reciprocating compressor


  • Spare parts supply (Hoerbiger and OEM)
  • Component refurbishment and repair
  • Spare part management
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Online surveillance of machines
  • Compressor overhauling
  • Snap-shot monitoring service
  • Customer training and assistance

Our Valve Repairs Workshop

  • Premium valve service locally in Nigeria
  • Well-trained service personnel
  • No freight delays
  • Premium leak test report for every valve
  • Valve service history for every valve
  • Substantial cost savings compared to new valve purchase
  • Service is available to all recip compressor valves irrespective of brand
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