Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Cased – Hole Wireline & Slickline Services

We offer a wide range of Cased Hole and Pipe Recovery services that are suited for all our customers operational and evaluation needs.

Our experienced and well trained personnel combined with technical alliance partners gives us the ability to deliver safe, efficient operations and excellent well intervention solutions.

Pipe Recovery Services

We bring together decades of pipe recovery and electric wireline expertise in Nigeria for all customers both offshore and on land.

Pipe recovery operations Include

  • Free-point and Backoff
  • Jet and Chemical Cutting
  • Tubulars Severing
  • Perforating
  • Setting Plugs, Packers
  • Gyro Services
  • Wireline Services
  • Setting Plugs and Packers
  • Gauge Ring and Junk Basket
  • Gyroscopic Survey
  • Collar locator, Gamma ray,
  • Casing and Pipe Inspection Services
  • Production Logging
  • Noise/Temperature logging
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating Services (TCP)

We offer full range of Slickline services which include the following

  • BHP services
  • Setting of various types of Wireline Plugs to provide safety barriers
  • Shifting of Sliding Side Doors (SSD)
  • Shifting of downhole Sliding Side Doors to put well on selective or co-mingled production
  • Change and replace SCSSV- Routine and non-routine change out of down hole safety valves and performance testing in accordance with API practice
  • Gas Lift Operations- Installation/Retrieval of diversified gas lift valves from the down hole SPM’s by utilizing sophisticated Kick Over Tools
  • Removal of Obstructions from the well formed due to scale, salt or asphaltene deposits by using Bailers
  • Fishing Operation- By utilizing various kinds of Slickline fishing equipment eq. spears, wire grabs, finders, magnets etc.,
  • Swabbing Operations
  • Perforating on Slickline

Open Hole Services

  • Open Hole Services capabilities are available from our technical alliance partners
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