Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Completion Assembly & Hammer Services

Increase Efficiency Using Superior Hammer services

AOS Orwell Hammer services are the efficient solution for any large-diameter tubular driving job, such as conductor driving and pile driving. The tool can operate at most angles, including horizontally and underwater without energy loss.

For conductor driving, depend on the efficiencies of the S90 hydraulic hammers that drives piles deeper and faster than any other design. Ideal for use onshore or offshore, the hammer sends concentrated blows to the pile, resulting in a much more efficient operation. This technology also is environmentally friendlier than diesel hammers.

The amount of energy per blow can be adjusted. A safety control automatically shuts down the system if a pile penetrates ahead of the hammer, the blow energy is set too high, or the hammer is positioned incorrectly.

Individual blow energy can be measured and displayed in real time. All information, which is captured electronically, can be used to generate a job report.

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