Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Drill Pipe Tubular Rentals

Renting tubulars can help you save storage and maintenance costs.

We provide a wide variety of tubing, drill string, handling and ancillary tools.

Inventory available for Strings include

  • Drill pipe with API, HTPAC, HT-55, PTech39+ (4″ to 5-7/8″)
  • Drill collars (3-1/8″ to 9-1/2″)
  • Heavy /spiral weight drill pipe with API, HT-55, PTech39+ (3-1/2″ Through 6-5/8″)
  • Tubing CSH, PH6 (1.9″ to 4-1/2″)
  • Landing strings (5″ to 6-5/8″)
  • Tubing and casing handling equipment such as elevators, bowl & slips, rig tongs, safety clamps, stab in guides, flush mounted slips, mud bucket, drifts and elevator links
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