Well Construction

During the entire Well Construction process, we provide seamless services that bridge the divide between drilling and completions. Through a series of integrated activities and processes, we combine the right technology, the right people and several years of experience, to provide winning solutions in well construction and management.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services that enable us manage the entire Well Construction process from Drilling to Abandonment and Workover Services. All our engineers are OEM certified and our personnel have IWCF Level 4 authentication. We have the capacity to deliver safely, efficiently, on time and every time.


We have the largest inventory of fishing tools in Nigeria and over 100 combined years of experience in fishing operations in-country.

(Our fishing experts have fished in almost all Oilfields in Nigeria). During the course of drilling oil wells, some objects like tools, junk, debris or other ‘fish’ get stuck in the well and this often disrupts drilling, workover or production.

Specialized tools called fishing tools are used in fishing to get the junk out. This means that our trained experts are competent in fishing to retrieve foreign objects and optimize the utility of the well.

Casing & Tubular Running Services (CTR)

We are prominent providers of Casing and Tubular running systems in the country.

We get the casing to the bottom. We combine conventional and patented casing and tubing running technologies comprising Top Casing Systems (TCDS). Our solutions consist of a full line of services including casing and tubing running, hammer services, casing and bucking accessories.

Our system creates a fundamentally superior process of getting casing to total depth, on time, every time. Our technologies bring significant improvements in safety, performance, reliability and efficiency in running casing wells.

Cased Hole Wireline & Slickline Services

We offer a wide range of Cased Hole, Wireline and Pipe Recovery Services that are suited for all our customers operational and evaluation needs.

Our experienced and well trained personnel combined with technical alliance partners places us in the best position to deliver safe and efficient operations and excellent well intervention solutions, using decades of Pipe Recovery Service and electric wireline expertise in Nigeria for all customers both offshore and on land.

Plug, Abandonment and Slot Recovery

The plug and abandonment process involves setting up permanent barriers to seal up an oil well or a section of it. When casing retrieval is required, either for slot recovery to maximize the life and production rate of a well or to abandon the well permanently, it is indispensable to have a reliable partner to overcome the challenges that can be presented.

With our broad inventory and expertise we can achieve recovery of casings saving time of intervention on any type of installation.

For offshore and deep water installations, we can provide single trip cut and recovery solutions to avoid long intervention time and associated cost.

Drillpipe Tubular Rentals

Tubulars generally refer to tubes that are used for oil and gas production. These include drill pipes, pup joints, casing and tubing. Because these tubes can easily be exposed to rust, wear and tear, maintenance and logistics of storage can be a problem.

We offer excellent tubular rental and a wide variety of tubing, drill string, handling and ancillary tools thus helping you save storage and maintenance costs.

Jar and Downhole Tools

Downhole tools are the equipment used in oilfield drilling, completion, intervention and workover services. We offer a wide range of in-country oil and gas downhole drilling tools & Automation of Machine operations that saves cost and time and support the delivery of high performing oilfields.

Our equipment is expertly managed and we provide efficient on-site service. We have the capacity to offer specialized tools that improve efficiency and minimize drilling production cost.

Our tools cover services in areas like wireline and slickline, drilling jars, fishing tools, drill pipes, tubular tools and others.

Completion, Assembly & Hammer Services

Our completion tools deliver customized, cost-effective completion solutions that support your well completion process with distinctive service quality.

Our Hammer services are the efficient solution for any large-diameter tubular driving job, such as conductor driving and pile driving. Our technology enables the tool operate at most angles, including horizontally and underwater without energy loss. For conductor driving, we use S90 hydraulic hammers that drive piles deeper and faster than any other design and result in much more efficient operations. Our technologies are environmentally friendly.


At AOS Orwell, we recognize the need for a cost effective, minimized rig time yet, with an efficiently drilled oil well. Be it Exploration, Appraisal or Development, we painstakingly take matters beyond just getting the well drilled to exceeding our valued client expectations by optimizing Well placement, formation evaluation and Safety.

We guarantee you the best tools because we partner with some of the best technical partners in the world.

We can provide: Bit, Mud Motors/RSS, Measurement While Drilling-MWD and Logging While Drilling –LWD. Our personnel are trained to the highest competency and will get the job done at a budget friendly price with outstanding outcome.