About Us

We are one of the foremost Indigenous Oilfield Servicing Companies in the country.

We are an all-inclusive provider of integrated, specialized oilfield products & solutions across the Oil and Gas value chain. Our ‘total package’ model allows us take on sizeable projects from supply chain, all the way through to maintenance. So we source, deliver, monitor and maintain the entire well construction process from start to finish.

Our Vision

To be a dependable partner, delivering world-class solutions to the energy industry.

Our Mission

To be the technical and operational partner of choice for international oil companies, national oil companies and independents operating in Africa.

Core Values

At AOS Orwell, our core values represent a set of guiding principles that pilot our people and business & form the support structure upon which we conduct our work to achieve the goals of this organization.

We have been able to find strength in our diversity and make people feel welcome in an exceptional safe environment that allows everyone thrive.


We get it right from the start! We keep our promises to deliver on all projects and commitments in a timely manner. We do this by maintaining very high standards of behavior and operations that result in a world-class quality workforce, products and service delivery.

Honesty and Integrity

Our business is open and transparent with high regard for fairness and equality while we remain committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all our dealings.

Customer Focus

We foster quality, strategic and lasting relationships with our customers because we understand their needs and how to meet those needs in a way that transforms them into satisfied, raving brand advocates.


We have stayed winning over the years by simply deploying cutting-edge technology transfer to create value through our products and services within a saturated eco system. We reward and recognize innovation in an enabled environment like ours.