Quality Health, Safety And Environment

We are very attentive to the needs of the environment and as such we are committed to ensuring the safest practices, procedures and structure.

We remain compliant with all existing Health, Safety and Environmental Laws. These considerations are interwoven into every aspect of our operations and decisions as an organization.

We operate a Quality Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management System, as a demonstration of our commitment to safeguard the lives of all our employees and third party contractors in the workplace including the protection of the environment.

We constantly monitor and measure compliance to the system in order to achieve our set goals and objectives and continually improve performance.

Beyond providing the needed resources to fulfil our QHSE objective we promote Safety training and education for consistent development of Safety attitude and environmental impact awareness.

All our employees and contractors are trained to consistently fulfil their QHSE obligation as an integral part of their job. By so doing, they take responsibility for the health and Safety of themselves and of others

QHSE Vision

We are committed to Life after Work through Exceptional Safety Leadership.

American Petroleum Institute Spec 5CT.
American Petroleum Institute ISO 9001:2015
API Specification Q1
BSI ISO 9001:2015