Local Content

We have remained 100% committed to Local Content. We are passionate about developing the capabilities of indigenes within communities where we operate.

We consider local content, a jewel for indigenous companies operating in Nigeria, because among other things, it has paved the way for investment to thrive.

We currently run three internationally certified schools in the areas of Process Automation/Control and Renewable Energy.

People development is a critical pillar of our company. We have in place a strong digital Learning Management System (LMS) through which employees improve their knowledge across a wide range of topics . We work hand-in-hand with the local communities through various initiatives, to identify talent and develop their capabilities through vendor enlightenment programs & employees community service schemes alongside other strategies.

We won the 2016 Shell award for the ‘Local Content Company of the Year’ as well as the TOGY ‘Digital Company of the year’ award in 2013 .

Ours is a company that believes in true local content. All our services are rendered in-country using real technology transfer, unrivalled people development and service delivery excellence.