Our Response to

Our Response to Covid-19

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 keeps evolving, the safety and health of our employees and clients continue to be our top priority. While we remain committed to delivering top-notch services across all the areas of our business, the impact of COVID-19 is far reaching and the rapid pace at which it spreads, is changing the conduct of business, and the world, as we know it.

Business Continuity Planning

As a people-oriented organization, AOS Orwell is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and personnel. We continue to monitor the situation closely and are strictly adhering to relevant government and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to contain the spread of COVID-19 within our premises; such as, maintaining the highest sanitary standards, frequent handwashing and most importantly, observing strict social distancing.

We place a premium on the health and safety of our clients and employees and it is in view of this that we have made the following decisions;

Face-to-face meetings are discouraged while we monitor the situation of the pandemic. We will Leverage on technology such as video conferencing, Skype and so on, unless otherwise impossible.

If not avoidable, minimize face to face meeting to a minimum number of 10 persons giving the considerable safety distance of about 3 meters.


Visitors to all AOSO facilities (Port Harcourt, Onne and Lagos) are restricted to business-critical- only clients/vendors and require approval of Country Manager or Director.

Entry point screening with thermometers and questionnaires will continue at all our locations


All essential staff that will be working within any of our office locations have been fully briefed and prepped for total compliance with the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines according to the WHO stipulations. They will take the personal responsibility to observe strict personal hygiene using all avenues that have been provided within our facility.

Helplines are open to all AOSO staff with 24/7 access to operators, should any emergency arise.

Thank you for your continued patronage and commitment to AOS Orwell. Please stay safe and we will continue to provide updates as events unfold.

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