International women in Engineering Day Celebrating AOS Engineering Heroes

April 11, 2022

Engr. Uchechi Nwokocha

Fishing Engineer

Every year since 2013, the International Women In Engineering Day has been marked to celebrate Women in Engineering. Brought to you by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), INWED is an international awareness campaign which raises the profile of Women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to women and girls in this exciting industry. The theme for this year is – Engineering Heroes.

In commemoration of this year’s celebration, AOS ORWELL is celebrating its female engineers across board. As part of its celebration, we will be featuring one of our Engineering Heroes- Engr. Uchechi Nwokocha.

Meet Engr. Uchechi Nwokocha, a Fishing Engineer and has a degree in Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology ,Owerri. She has 3+ plus years experience as a fishing engineer with vast experience in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Additionally she also prides herself as a Renewable Energy enthusiast.

We had a quick Q&A with Engr. Uchechi and here’s how it went

Question 1:

How would you describe what you do at AOS ORWELL? Are there challenges that come with your role?


I am a Fishing Engineer in AOS ORWELL. I perform and supervise fishing, milling and whipstock operations in varying environments and rigs.

The challenge that come with my role as a fishing engineer while on field operations and customer location is working for clients that have zero belief in my capability as a Female Engineer.

I have handled this challenge by pushing myself above these stereotypical boundaries and accomplishing my tasks and even much better than it is expected of me.

Question 2:

Tell us about how it is like working with AOS ORWELL so far?


My typical day when I am not at client locations involves working alongside the workshop foreman in getting tools ready for operations by servicing and maintaining the various fishing tools such as the Overshot, Fishing jars, bumper subs.

Question 3:

Describe your typical day.


Wake up and prep for work, quick email check to mentally prep for the day, commute to work, get into the business of the day, commute back home and sneak in one or two extra-curricular activities

Question 4:

What do love to do when you are not working?


When I am not working, I love volunteering at teenager mentoring programs and traveling

Complete this sentence: Working at AOS ORWELL is……….. a Rewarding Experience.

Congratulations to all Female Engineers in AOS ORWELL, we see you and applaud you

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